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Ok, so for all of you who got excited from the news of a KDEmod live CD, here comes a thing that could take your breath away: yesterday I’ve been playing around with QSS & Tribe, the Live CD Installer.

So, what I’m showing you is not a mockup, it’s the real appeareance when you hit “tribe” in the terminal. It still needs refining, so it will look even better. Ready? Think you’re ready? Here Goes:


Great, isn’t it? I still can’t take the fact that Qt can do something similar… Qt simply rocks!! And now expect Tribe to rock even more!

~ by Dario on 23 April, 2008.

5 Responses to “Join the Tribe”

  1. You guys were right on IRC. It is going to look better than openSUSE’s installer. I just downloaded the livecd. But when I click install on the desktop, I just get a blank screen.

  2. Thanks 😀 It’s still not on the LiveCD because we need to repackage it, when we will, you can (from the LiveCD) start Shaman, Upgrade your System, and Tribe will be Upgraded too. Anyway I’m hacking on it right now ^^

  3. Are you planning an Archlinux fork or you’re gonna use the official Archlinux repos?

  4. Absolutely not, plain Arch repos + kdemod 😉

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