For what it’s worth

Now, tell me. I know you’ve been suffering. I know how much you felt bad. I know you’re still suffering at times.

But stop for a second, and think. Think about everything, and tell me if you had a moment, a moment when you felt everything was good, everything was finally what you wanted it to be, a moment when you were really happy, and life was finally the way you wanted it too.

Did you had it? Could you feel that sensation through your bones? Could you feel shivers right through your back while you felt that sensation? That sensation no human words can describe?

Then tell me. Don’t you think everything you’ve been through, every possible sufference, everything. Everything that person had done to you, all the times you spent crying, all the times you couldn’t simply get through without help, all the times you had to call a friend to feel better.

Don’t you think all this sufference was worth that single moment?

“I…. I think yes”

Because we can’t be happy. Not forever.  But the reason it’s worth living for it’s that we can have some moments, it can be a moment, a day, a year… when we are no longer in this earth, but we’re in Heaven. It can be girls, it can be friends, it can be music, but is the sensation you feel when you start crying and… you simply don’t know why. But it’s so beautiful you’d keep crying for your whole life.

When you start singing loud as you can without a reason, when you’re holding a person in your arms, when you feel a friend is close to you… You know, you suddenly understand that Life is beautiful, and no matter how much you will suffer, one day, you’ll say again “This is the reason why I’m living”.

Dedicated to all the persons who can make me cry. To everyone who is, has and will be close to me in funny, sad, hard moments. Dedicated to my friends: my closest ones, I couldn’t really live without you guys. Thanks. Really.

To my distant friends, who live far from me, speak a different language, but somehow, sometimes you can feel them so close you can’t even understand. Thanks.

There are so many people I’d have to thank, but time is short, and today I really feel that one of these days, I will have to step up, go outside, meet a person I still haven’t thanked, and do it. Because life is beautiful, but also short.

And I don’t want to let it go.


~ by Dario on 27 April, 2008.

3 Responses to “For what it’s worth”

  1. A wonderful post…

  2. sure you are a genius

  3. Wonderful post. 😉

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