Tribe updates and something else

Ok, so it’s been a while since my last post, and it’s been a longer while since my last coding post. Since this was (intentionally) the main aim of the blog, I think it’s time to say something about what I’m doing for KDEmod & KDE 🙂

But first, let me thank everyone who appreciated my real life posts, it’s nice to see people sharing your experiences, and seeing this appreciation means a lot to me.

Now let’s get back on topic, today I’ll mainly show you how Tribe is coming along nicely, with some relevant screenshots I took yesterday after a fat update.

Let’s start with the new theme:

The QSS-based style of Tribe As you can see, funkyou has done (again) a great job in styling Tribe. All images and backgrounds are from him, and I really love the way Tribe looks now, so, just wanted to say: great work 😀

Obviously, style is just the beginning: let’s dig deeper and see what Tribe can do.

As of today, Tribe is able to perform a complete installation of the system, including user creation, configuration, bootloader setup and friends. Partitioning is done through cfdisk, this will change when we’ll start to work on our graphical partitioner.

Select Partitions in TribeAs you can see, we have a GUI for selecting and formatting partitions though, and it already works well.

I know, the GUI is not how beautiful as it should be, but Lukas is working on a new, better looking interface.

Up to now, the process is pretty straightforward: you just have to double click on a entry, and set the mount point for it. Swap partitions, if detected, are automatically set up for mounting & formatting.

You can also format the partition by checking the box next to it: just as easy and simple as it should be.

This is how Root is set up in TribeAnd now, this is something completely new I’ve done yesterday. This is the GUI for setting up Root & sudo.

I added an option for activating/deactivating root user. So you can prevent root from logging in directly from the installation.

The sudo part is still not functional, as it’s missing code and I’m thinking about a good implementation, what is sure is that I want to make possible to configure sudo for each user without hassle, allowing a simple configuration or a manual mode where you can define sudo configuration for that user.

This part is still being worked on, but it’s not a real blocker for the installer, so again: when it’s done ^^

Yes, that\'s Arxin insideNo no, you’re not crazy, you’re really seeing Arxin inside Tribe. I’ve added support for KParts in Arxin, added a KPart interface, and voilà, now Arxin has chroot support and KPart support.

This means, as you probably already understood, that you can use Arxin directly into Tribe for configuring at its finest your new system before even booting in!

So, if our autodetect scripts failed in some way, you can still review every bit of configuration: rc.conf, mkinitcpio… everything Arch has to offer.

This is a feature I really wanted in, and I have to say kudos to kdelibs developers for the great system which is KParts, that has the most easy and intuitive API ever.

Ok, so, it’s enough for now, and I hope it’s enough to keep you excited about Tribe and Chakra.

Take care till next post ^^


~ by Dario on 29 May, 2008.

4 Responses to “Tribe updates and something else”

  1. wow, just WOW! Its all coming together nicely 😀 If we ever manage to have a dev-meeting, i will sponsor all the beer for you 🙂

    cu later 🙂

    btw, new iso comes this evening, you know where to get it 🙂

  2. ….Wow! It’s so amazing! It’s the perfect installer!

    Also I hope you get sudo working…and a suggestion. Get it to make a kdesurc file where KDE is installed so kdesu will use sudo instead of su. I love that Arxin is inside Tribe. That means wireless OUT OF THE BOX on Arch!! This is absolutely amazing 😀

    By the way, sorry I haven’t been around recently…missed out of a lot. See you on IRC sometime!

  3. […] distribución, aparte de contar por defecto con KDEmod 4, tendrá un instalador precioso llamado Tribe que pretende, según palabras de sus desarrolladores, ser gráficamente mejor que el de […]

  4. […] distribución, aparte de contar por defecto con KDEmod 4, tendrá un instalador precioso llamado Tribe que pretende, según palabras de sus desarrolladores, ser gráficamente mejor que el de […]

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