Illusion is never good, better face reality, and things as they are. I once loved to live inside an illusion, but it’s over, I’m getting older, and it’s really time to face things. Though, sometimes illusion is better than reality.

That most of the times is hard to take. And, well, you know what, suffering for a reality is definitely worth more than suffering for an illusion. But the answer lies somewhere. And not only the answer.

I really believe somewhere out here there is what we are looking for. Our illusion that becomes reality, maybe not as we imagined it, maybe even better. Again, happiness turns into sadness in the end, sadness turns into desire, desire turns into hope, hope turns into illusion.

But most of the times, it’s right when you stop chasing that illusion, that what you were once looking for comes in front of you. It already happened to me, and I’m sure it will happen again.

This period was made of pure illusions. But when I think why I created them, the answer is “to suffer less”. I was happy for some time, but there is a moment when you simply realize you’re worth more than an illusion. That moment, for me, was today.

I don’t know why it had to be today. But I know that there is something I have near here that is not an illusion, and maybe is worth a try.

Because maybe, somewhere is here. And we’re just so much blinded by our illusions, that we can’t see it. I know it’s hard giving up something you believed in, but that’s what life is all about: living for today.

When you realize that that thing is just an illusion, and will never be real, you can just choose to live in an illusion forever, or give it up.

Somewhere else, somebody is thinking what you are thinking now. Somewhere else, someone is crying just like you. Somewhere else, somebody is growing up.

Someday, somewhere, you will meet her.

P.S.: This post goes out to a friend of mine that lives far from here. I told you to learn from my mistakes, but maybe the first one who has to learn it’s me. But I know you’ll make the right choice, and you’ll find what you’re looking for 🙂


~ by Dario on 1 June, 2008.

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  1. Wonderful 🙂

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