Some Shaman Plasma updates

I just saw I’ve got 1300+ visits – thanks! I didn’t know so many people were actually reading this blog… and since all my posts, both Development ones and Real Life ones seems to be appreciated… well I think I’ll give more time here, also because I’m really enjoing it ^^

Today, I wanted to show you my recent work on Shaman Plasma components, especially the Plasmoid, that will hit RC1, that is coming really, really soon.

First of all, both the Runner and the Plasmoid are back in action, they were broken since Beta2 due to constant API changes. But that’s not all: I’ve added some more nice stuff, let me show you 😉

The new Plasmoid

You see a nice autocompletion feature. This is nice also because it happens with an internal storage, so you won’t get slowed down in searches: it’s just lightning fast, and comfortable just as you see it.
This required some changes through DBus, and I had to remove introspection from it, but the result show that it was definitely worth it 😀

I’ll tell you more about RC1 the next days… just wait and test out svn, it’s stable and won’t eat you 😉


~ by Dario on 5 June, 2008.

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