What’s the point?

Things are slowly getting better for me, and reading a friend’s blogpost made me want to write this 🙂 Just because it’s different from what I usually write, and maybe will help you in knowing me better.

What’s the point in finding a point?
What’s the point if you can’t find a point yourself?
What’s the point in staying home all day when it’s sunny and hot outside?
What’s the point in meeting a friend if you can’t smile at all?
What’s the point in singing a song till you don’t have voice left if you can’t feel it?
What’s the point in music if you can’t play it?
What’s the point in having your life perfectly scheduled?
What’s the point in deciding where to go before leaving?
What’s the point in helping other people if you don’t feel happy right after?
What’s the point in suffering if you don’t know you’ll be happy again one day?
What’s the point in understanding, if you can’t accept the truth?
What’s the point in the truth anyway?
What’s the point in the world, if you don’t think you can change it?
What’s the point in your life, if you can’t make it your own?
What’s the point in everything you do, if you don’t have something worth it?
What’s the point in finding something worth it in something you know it’s probably not?
What’s the point in feeling?
What’s the point in knowing that feeling has actually no point, but you need to?
What’s the point in knowing that feeling is, actually, beautiful?
What’s the point in trusting a girl for a whole life, when only friends can do that?
What’s the point in tomorrow, if you can’t live for today?
What’s the point in yesterday?
What’s the point in not being free?
What’s the point in life if you can’t feel free?
But most of all…

What’s the fucking point, after all?

Well, who can say that… the point could be something you have, something you had, something you will have, something you will feel. I like to think the point is me and my life. Sure, this implies that the point are also some person I know will be always with me, but this means that the point changes from time to time.

I like to think that each day I have a point for my life & everything else, and if some points remains always the same (which is great) some points also fade away (ok, that is bad), and some join in (the best thing probably).

So, the answer to “What is the point?” is: Well, I’ll tell you at the end of the day. And come back tomorrow for a different answer.

And today the point is… well, would it really be the point if I was able to explain it? I think not 🙂 And anyway, the day isn’t over yet.

P.S.: There are soooo many small encoded messages in there… let the smart reader find them out 🙂


~ by Dario on 21 June, 2008.

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  1. Awesome.

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