Sharing some PowerDevil love, and some dinosaurs too

So, I’m back blogging, mainly thanks to the fact that my previous post has received an impressive feedback (which I didn’t expect, thanks!). So, first of all I wanted to say I’ve already implemented in PowerDevil some of your suggestions (first of all, the possibility of running a script upon profile loading), though I have some more news for you.

I have radically changed the polling system. It is now modular and selectable by the user. This because fredrich pointed me to a nice XSync feature that allowed real idle counter support without polling and/or hacks, and I really wanted to implement it. By now, you can choose in the configuration dialog to use this new XSync based method (that still needs serious testing), or the old, solid, widget grabber method.

This is not the only important news: PowerDevil has just been moved in kdebase/workspace. You probably wonder “oh no, what can I do now for using it on my 4.1 installation?”. But you just don’t have to worry, because I’ve created a tag (thanks toma) for PowerDevil, right here. You can checkout and build this code, and it should work with your KDE 4.1 installation. I’ll try to keep this tag up-to-date, and if you could give me some feedback about compilation on 4.1, it would be great.

On a side note, I wanted to confirm what Riccardo said yesterday: we’ll be working on Raptor, together with Alessandro, Davide and Lukas. So you can already expect it to be great 😀 I’ll work on the dataengine + tom, together with Lukas (so strange we hack together, huh? 🙂 )

For the bad news, I’ll be not-so-active in the next 4-5 days, since I have an exam on Friday, and I’d better study for it :\

Enough for today, see you on next post! 🙂


~ by Dario on 14 September, 2008.

8 Responses to “Sharing some PowerDevil love, and some dinosaurs too”

  1. Good luck with your exam (I do also have a big one coming, it is maths next week). 🙂

  2. in bocca al lupo 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I tried to compile it under 4.1, but got this error:

    index.docbook:10: parser error : Entity ‘Dario.Freddi’ not defined
    index.docbook:10: parser error : Entity ‘Dario.Freddi.mail’ not defined
    index.docbook:10: element author: validity error : Element author content does not follow the DTD, expecting ((personname | (honorific | firstname | surname | lineage | othername | affiliation | authorblurb | contrib)+) , (personblurb | email | address)*), got (CDATA CDATA)
    make[2]: *** [doc/index.cache.bz2] Fehler 1
    make[1]: *** [doc/CMakeFiles/doc-handbook.dir/all] Fehler 2
    make: *** [all] Fehler 2

  4. thanks andy, I forgot to add a patch to make the docbook compile. It is fixed in latest svn 🙂

    Thanks for your wishes, I’ll pass the exam for you guys 😀

  5. “By now, you can choose in the configuration dialog to use this new XSync based method (that still needs serious testing), or the old, solid, widget grabber method.”

    hopefully that’s just temporary? i mean, it seems like a bit of a technical issue to showin a configuration dialog to the user? i’d personally prefer to see this remain a non-gui option if needed, and default to the XSync method where it is available.

  6. @Aaron: well, I had the same thought too. I think the best thing would be to provide the option to change polling method to experienced users, aka hide it somewhere, since for any reason, somebody might want to try a different method. Maybe we should discuss this in the list + have a talk about usability.

    Anyway, XSync now works perfectly, and this means 0 unneeded wakeups, making PowerDevil the most efficient power manager on earth 🙂 At the current status, I’ll backport latest changes and release a tarball for 4.1 soon.

  7. Pick the best polling system and stick to it. Giving the choice of different polling algorithms to the user is confusing and bad design.

    Decisions like these spread throughout the KDE desktop are why I use Gnome instead– no craziness.

  8. Well, just compiled the tagged SVN under 4.1, no problems at all!
    I will test out if everything works on the next reboot, until then, nice work!

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