Small things

I know what I’m writing might look strange, though today I had a strange reflection while coming back home from work.

I was bringing downstairs some boxes full of crap to throw away, and one of them fell down. I spent a pair of minutes laughing and getting everything back in the box. Though, when coming back, I found out the previous train was late, and if I only have been there a minute before, I would have come home really sooner.

While waiting for the next train, that strange thought came to my mind. Actually, such a small thing made me waste 30 minutes of my time, that these days is more precious than ever. Though, I asked myself: how much are small things important?

It’s so stupid thinking about the fact that if I laughed 20 seconds less I’d have catched the train, but suddenly it came to my mind that these things happen every day.

A single wrong word on a whole talk can distrupt a relationship, a single line of code out of a million might make a program not work, and I could give a similar example for anything else.

What I thought is that we live in a strange epoch, where we (or at least, I) don’t have time to think about small things. What we don’t realize is that, even in the big picture, they’re so important that leaving them aside could destroy what we’re fighting for. Obviously, I was not fighting for the train, but you know what I mean 🙂

Surely, having some minutes for myself was something I couldn’t afford since some days, and I was almost happy to have lost the damned train, but surely from today on I’ll care more about all those small things that make part of our life, because it would be a shame to leave them aside.

Ok, you’re used to my hidden messages 🙂 I just wanted to say, that even if the big picture is (still) some times fucked up by some really bad events, there are a lot of small things that are making me happy right now. And maybe this brought me to appreciate and consider them even more, and to learn some errors from the past, too. The truth? We care so much, and are so stressed about the big picture, that we can find comfort and satisfaction only in small things, that some times become so much important. Yeah, almost 20 years learning to live not wasted 🙂

P.S.: Yeah, I came home later, but happier and more satisfied 🙂


~ by Dario on 1 October, 2008.

One Response to “Small things”

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