KDE 4 == win, and some updates

So, these 2 days at Linux Day in Cinisello really went great. I met a lot of new people, and received astonishing feedback. The talk me and Riccardo held was really a huge success, and people are definitely in love with KDE4. The funny thing is that I read everywhere that KDE4 is not ready for prime time, the first stable version will be 4.3 (??), and some unuseful rants like that.

The truth is that most of the laptops I saw at LD were running KDE4, I performed/helped on a pair of installations of KDE4, and the feedback I got was literally: “Finally something cool that works well”. So maybe people ranting their back off simply didn’t try KDE 4.

Obviously, our talk about new stuff in KDE 4.2 raised even more interest, and people are really looking forward to January. Having your work appreciated is always great, and when I attend events like these and I meet so many grateful people, I really feel we’re doing a huge work.

Talking about code, I have (finally) introduced an improved poll loader in PowerDevil, thanks to an extremely detailed bug, and I take this occasion to thank everyone who helped by submitting bugs/wishlists. This addition makes poller choice more accurate and effective, and makes the whole PowerDevil lighter and more efficient thanks to a cached loading system.

I also got a huge feedback on DeviceSync, so I am going to answer here some questions. Regarding the IO slave stuff, I’m thinking seriously about that. Though, before starting to work on it, I’d like to have the Plugin API complete and working, so that people can start writing some plugins. What is really needed at the moment is iPod and NJB, so that we can provide support for the most common portable media players. MTP seems to work nice, and I’ll import the code in playground really soon, I promise šŸ˜€

And about supporting this-that-and even that one: the plugin architecture makes it possible to support any kind of device: media players, phones, smartphones, whatever. Obviously, it focuses on file transfer: for PIM synchronization there are already a lot of great tools out there, and I surely don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

So, I think it’s enough for today, see you soon šŸ™‚


~ by Dario on 27 October, 2008.

4 Responses to “KDE 4 == win, and some updates”

  1. Nice! But where were you when I asked for presentations about KDE 4.2? šŸ™‚

    It just happens that I gave a very similar talk this same weekend at FSCONS, and as you say it seems that KDE has completely taken over. I don’t really understand it, because the crowd that visits things like FSCONS used to run Gnome. Normal people in Sweden (i.e. not FOSS advocates) have always liked KDE, though.

  2. Well, consider that we prepared the slides 10 minutes before the presentation, so we didn’t have really anything ready šŸ˜€

    We mostly showed what KDE is capable of, and it turns out that this is what people really like/want to see, I am starting to think slides are tiring for non developers, people want to see things in action.

  3. Yeah, I only had very few slides with some recapitulations of the goals of KDE4. The rest was a live demo.

  4. ciao dario,
    ci siamo conosciuti al linux day di cinisello. sono Sante del POuL šŸ™‚
    Ti offendi se scrivo in italiano? eheh
    Tu avevi parlato con Luca di una qualche utility da fare per il wifi del poli? Io oggi ho finalmente dedicato una seria mezz’ora a creare un template di wicd per il poli e va una meraviglia.
    Se non ho capito male tu volevi automatizzare tutto il processo di creazione certificato ecc? tutto grafico?
    Contattami via mail quando hai tempo, e iscriviti alla mailing list del poul!! šŸ˜€

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