A bunch of quick updates

Hey people, long time no see. I figured out you might want to have a quick overview of what I’m doing these days (for those who care)

  • I moved Solid-Wicd engine to kdereview. Not saying much more on that as I’ll dedicate it a post when I’ll move it in kdebase. I will just say it will hit 4.3
  • Right today, I pushed in and backported a fix/feature/whatever for powerdevil that makes it check through ConsoleKit if the user is in the active session. If not, all actions are not performed. Long story short: if you’re on a laptop and use to switch users, you were waiting for this and you probably want to install ConsoleKit to take advantage of it. KDM has ConsoleKit support, if you were wondering.
  • Polkit-qt is shaping up nicely. The bad news is that all the announced support for root controls in systemsettings will be delayed to 4.4. The good news is that you will get much more than what I already talked about. I can’t unveil details right now for obvious reasons but you should see that in the very near future. Again, I will probably write a whole post about that when it’s time.
  • I really appreciate seeing all those people liking Chakra, and I can only say thanks for your support. Our team is one of the smallest out there and we’re more a bunch of friends than a development team. Who knows, maybe this kind of connection between us let us work better. I promise I’ll try to polish further Tribe in the next days to deliver a better installer asap.
  • Finally I got the chance today to talk to David, PolicyKit’s maintainer. We didn’t share much, but I felt a positive attitude from him towards a future cooperation. I hope this could be the beginning of making all the *Kits less gnome-centric and more linux-centric (so this involves other DEs apart from KDE, E17 *blink*), and a further step for interoperability.
  • Surely I miss something, I’ll write a side post on what’s up in my life currently for those who care, since I don’t like cluttering up Planet KDE with some personal/tedious/useless stuff.

    Keep your eyes open, it’s still a long road towards KDE 4.3, and the fun has just begun.


    ~ by Dario on 7 April, 2009.

    13 Responses to “A bunch of quick updates”

    1. Hi Dario,
      first of all I would thank you for the great job that you’re doing.
      I would ask you a thing.In guidance-power-manager I liked the feature that showed the current cpu frequency as tooltip (on mouse over event, so): do you think it can be enabled for the powerdevil plasmoid? I don’t know if it’s one of your jobs, but I don’t know who to ask. =)

      That’s only an idea, however it can be very useful to observe how the cpu works!
      Thank’s a lot!

      PS. Sorry for my english, I’m italian as you but I have to learn it more…=)

    2. Hi 🙂 well, that’s pretty easy to do, the one who is caring about the applet is sebas at the moment. Though, I think you can achieve exactly the same result by using a CPU Monitor widget in the panel next to the battery’s one, that maybe makes even more sense.

      In any case, you can surely open up a feature request on bugs.kde.org. Thank you for reading!

    3. Hi,
      About Policyki news: does it mean that Policykit-KDE will not be included in KDE 4.3?

    4. @mmalek: Absolutely not, it’s already in actually. It means you’ll have to wait a little while before it will be actually used by KDE applications. Anything I already shown remains the same!

    5. Good, because I have committed today to K3bSetup integration with Policykit (using Policykit-qt) 🙂

    6. “I moved Solid-Wicd engine to kdereview. Not saying much more on that as I’ll dedicate it a post when I’ll move it in kdebase. I will just say it will hit 4.3”

      I’m anxious to try wicd as I’m getting fed up with Network Manager’s persistently odd behavior. The hoops I had to go through just to get NM to respect the hostname I’ve set for my laptop was ridiculous, and it still sometimes fails to connect networks silently, without any indication as to what went wrong or why.

    7. Now that you’re mentioning the *kits, I’ve tried PackageKit-KDE on my arch+kdemod install, and found only one issue: it wants to update all my packages to the versions in testing, even if testing is below core in pacman.conf and pacman -Su doesn’t show the same behavior.

      Is this a known arch+packagekit incompatibility?

    8. @mmalek: Awesome! I just saw the commit. Would you mind giving back a small feedback on the API/ease of use?

      @fva: no, in arch even polkit-qt is in extra

    9. […] done in next KDE 4.x release”, that it’s becoming annoying (e.g. just todayI read that root support for System Settings was once again delayed to a later KDE release.). So far, I haven’t received any complaint worth mentioning, so it seems the migration from […]

    10. I’d really appreciate a new tribe to install chakra…I’m running it on vbox, but i’m seriously thinking to use it on my desktop instead of actual sidux+kde4…and it would be perfect on my girlfriend’s laptop…
      continuate così, davvero!

    11. annd how about battery applet features requested???:) http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=182940

    12. Is there any chance of some other interim measure, so that people can access administrator options in system settings in 4.3 without needing to resort to ‘kdesu systemsettings’

    13. @beojan: Let’s clarify on this. What I meant in this post is “there is not an easy/integrated/automated way of doing that”. But the architecture is definitely in. For example, K3BSetup already took advantage of Polkit and uses it in its KCM. In 4.4, the thing will be even more integrated, from the GUI side and whatever. But _ANY_ developer feeling so can already start adding polkit support to its module. I know it might be a bit confusing for the users, that’s why I straight-forwarded to 4.4.

      In any case, you can do sudo kcmshell4 , slightly better.

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