Quick notice for fellows at Politecnico di Milano

Hello people,

if any of you happen to study at Politecnico di Milano, use Wicd, and being frustrated by opening 6 shells to open up a f*****g connection, I might have something for you:


It’s a Qt+Polkit-qt generator of templates for Wicd to connect from Wicd to the “internet” network just by entering a password, as if you were using a standard WPA connection. Try it out, if you like, and report any issues to me.

Beware: italian language only, even though I’d appreciate if somebody at least wrapped up all the strings and provided an english translation. Patches more than welcome.

UPDATE: For people using Arch, you can also grab the pkgbuild.


~ by Dario on 1 May, 2009.

3 Responses to “Quick notice for fellows at Politecnico di Milano”

  1. se me lo dicevi potevo evitarti la “perdita di tempo” (che poi perdita di tempo non lo è mai) di scriverlo…
    esiste uno script creato da quelli del poul che poteva esserti utile…ecco il link: http://polinux.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/polinux-desktop-2.0/script/wifiwizard-wicd.sh

  2. Infatti è proprio basato su quello🙂 ho mandato il link anche a loro, solo che lo script mi sta sulle balle e con questo puoi gestire meglio i certificati. Tra l’altro gli avevo promesso tutto questo tempo addietro, quindi mi sentivo un po’ in obbligo😀

  3. Thanks a lot, it’s really a pain to connect my pc to the wifi connection. I will try as soon as I’m back to polimi (sede como \o/)

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