Getting a hold on small things

I’m sitting on my bed sipping one of the great beers I took home from bruxelles, eating some great Provolone (an Italian cheese) and salami, while I’m listening to Queen, Beatles and Rush, chatting with some friends and doing some code in the very spare moments.

Shit, this is happiness.

I feel so comfortably well that I really have to realize (once again) how small things change your life; how small things _are_ your life. There are a lot of small things, like this one, like seeing a smile, reading a pink post-it, play your music until your fingers and throat hurt, that make you feel happy, well, without knowing a reason. It’s like being in love. Most of the times it’s a person. Some times you’re simply in love with your life. And sometimes you happen to be in love with a person that made you love your life again.

This post is simple, small and short too, to keep things consistent 🙂 (and hoping it will be beautiful as well to read)


~ by Dario on 2 June, 2009.

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