Oslo, day two

Well, it’s day 3, but yesterday I had no time to blog or whatever, so I’m just writing with a day of delay.

So yesterday I woke up at a decent time to check out from Anker and getting to Munch. After having left my luggage over there, waiting for Will to arrive, I took a tour of the Oslo fjord, which is really nice, especially the park around it. I had a nice and relaxing walk, and then I catched up with Will and headed up for Nokia offices.

Once there we met all Qt software guys, that were basically waiting for us after having read my previous blogpost. I suppose that is the web 2.0 deal everyone’s talking about. Anyway.

We had lunch with Knut, Thiago and Alexis and talked about some stuff, while waiting for Frederik and the students to catch up with us. We actually discussed some plans about the networkmanager applet and we now have a defined direction, that we will probably make real today. That was worth quite some hours of work, and we left the office around midnight to get some fun in the town.

So me, Frederik (who is basically sitting next to me writing probably the same stuff on his blog, and that feels kinda weird), Will and Olivier took the chance and went into the Garage having a beer. After Will left us, since he was really tired after his flight, the three of us went to Rock Inn to get another beer and some nice music.

Waking up today felt kinda hard, and me and Frederik are basically waiting for the other guys to arrive. Well, it’s always like people going to bed later are the ones waking up earlier. And hopefully, you should see some code today as well.


~ by Dario on 6 June, 2009.

One Response to “Oslo, day two”

  1. Hey!
    Cool to see progress on the Networkmanager-Applet… 🙂
    Alessandro told me you cannot attend the Nepomuk-Sprint though, too sad we cannot meet then… 😦 My stuff is booked… 🙂


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