Tokamak Wrap-up

So, quite lately, but it’s my time as well to write a small wrapup on this wonderful Tokamak. Shame I had to leave earlier than all the other guys due to an exam, but I managed to have a great time anyway. I met a lot of people who I really wanted to get in touch with since a lot of time, and it was great sharing rooms and beds with a lot of people you work with all the year but you somehow manage to meet in person just in some special occasions just like this one πŸ™‚

The location was lovely, the host even more, so Mario keep your mobile switched on as I could call you anytime to share a beer together in the beautiful randa again. And I also hope I won’t have to wait some more years to catch up again with all the great KDE people I met in Switzerland.

Of course, it was not just about socializing. We also pushed a lot of new stuff, which we will refine and get ready for 4.4. KAuth is almost stable BC/SC wise (will be soon on cmake side, since some macros are still being discussed by me and Alexander), and it took really some pain to push it in. Pushing a new framework that relies on generating some special files in kdecore can be difficult and you sometimes need to take the most difficult route to lead to innovation.

I had also a lot of valuable reviews after pushing stuff in trunk. I had seen this coming, and this is probably the most important reason why I pushed this framework that early in the development cycle. This way, I sure have to change some stuff around in kdelibs/kdebase, but I am also sure that when we have 4 months yet since 4.4 release, we have a 100% tested and reviewed framework ready. I realized during all my time in KDE that kdereview, for this kind of stuff, is really not enough; and I was proven right πŸ˜‰

What am I going to do in the next days: some tutorials for developers (still did not write anything due to the fact that we’re still stabilizing the API), some more talking with people interested to use KAuth for their stuff, and make a plan for trying to integrate KAuth into KIO::File. It’s a difficult task, but we have some great people ready to help (Davide, Nicola, Riccardo), and we really want to get this feature in, so we’ll try our best.

And some stuff for users (hoping that Sebastian will push the nice “commercial” videos we made πŸ˜€ ), such as screencasts, screenshots and whatever to let you know what this thing is bringing to your table.

All in all, we really managed to join productivity and fun in a way I did not think was possible, but this is what happens when you share some days with some of the best developers (and crazy people) out there. You guys rock, thank you for the great time I (and you hopefully) had, and I’m really looking forward to see you again!


~ by Dario on 6 September, 2009.

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  1. “it was great sharing … beds with a lot of people”


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