Small update: Power management bug week(s)

Hello people, long time no blog.

I have a lot of interesting news for you, I will write a couple of posts in the next days about them. Today I just wanted to give out a small quick update on Power Management, following the drill of Sebastian

So, for the next 2 weeks (and given the freeze time) I happily try to declare and organize the Power Management bug weeks! 2 weeks in which I will dedicate to clear out the list of bugs in Powerdevil and Solid::PowerManagement. Of course I will need your help. It would be nice to have a “central” day, like a small powermanagement bug day in the middle of that. Since I never did such a thing, it would be nice to have some info/help from our bugsquad.

In the meanwhile, if you feel like closing some duplicates, reproducing and providing more information on existing bugs, it would be an extremely valuable help.

More news on completely different stuff coming up soon, stay tuned 🙂


~ by Dario on 27 November, 2009.

One Response to “Small update: Power management bug week(s)”

  1. Hello, could you take a look at the KDE Bug 221637?
    Thanks you very much.

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