KDE SC 4.4 and KAuth: we made it!

Hello guys,

so finally KDE SC 4.4 is out: it’s an amazing release, and I want to congratulate with everyone who helped with it in any way: you rock!

It has been quite an amazing release for me as well: I pushed a rather big framework in kdecore (KAuth) and had to deal with all the difficulties and the time consuming tasks for making it well worth of KDE’s amazing API and code quality: it had been hard, it is not perfect, but I think all of my (and Nicola, Jaroslav, Lukas and Radek’s) efforts have well paid in the end.

Sure, this was not easy: I had to push a critical fix for polkit-1 (which, btw, now works perfectly) one day before release, and I actually sweated quite cold until I was sure that the fix was inside 4.4.0 tarballs 🙂

Also, I’d like to thank one person in particular for this release, which is Alexander. He actually helped me a lot in improving KAuth’s buildsystem and polkit-qt’s Find files, and thanks to his patience I can say I learned quite a lot about CMake and I can proudly say that I was undervaluating the power and the importance of a clean and well working buildsystem, so thanks again for that.

It’s not over of course: I already have a masterplan for KAuth (and Shaman, of course) in 4.5, and in the meanwhile, after some people came to me in IRC asking me how to use KAuth, I decided to move my lazy butt, and finally created the KAuth Tutorial series on Techbase! And yes, they include how to integrate KAuth into UI elements and how to create nice privileged KCModules, like the date/time one, in a few lines of code. Read them while they’re hot, starting of course from KAuth basics.

They are quite complete from a content point of view, however they might use proof-reading and corrections, so if you find something weird, help in making them better.

That’s all for now. Oh, maybe I should also mention that I am.


~ by Dario on 12 February, 2010.

9 Responses to “KDE SC 4.4 and KAuth: we made it!”

  1. Thanks to all the devs for this great work. KDE SC 4.4 it’s been a great release and it’s getting better release after release thanks to the work of developers like you.

    Keep on your great work! 🙂


  2. Thank you for your work!

  3. Thanks! I hope to see KAuth in action in next KDE releases.

    From my perspective, normal actions with root-owned files like renaming/deleting in Dolphin or editing in Kate would make the KDE experience even better! That’s what I hope KAuth to help with in the future.

    • I totally agree with this. I actually thought that move/copy delete/read actions in dolphin and open/save actions in all kde-libs-using programs were going to get KAuth support automagically in 4.4. Is this part of the master plan?

      Excellent framework, thank you for your design and work.

  4. You’re the initiator who destroy KDE compatibility to Slackware, because KDE now needs (optionally for now) Polkit which requires PAM which Slackware doesn’t support.

    I wouldn’t be proud of that if I where you. Now I stop to comment because everything else will be censored by you.

    • Do you think I can take anything seriously from an anonymous that says “I wouldn’t be proud of that if I where you. Now I stop to comment because everything else will be censored by you.”? I didn’t know 9-years-old were using KDE and Slackware.

      Some of your fellow Slackers are using KDE with polkit and shadow, and you can still compile KDE without polkit. Get back to the hell you came from, and please avoid coming here again (or at least not as an anonymous).

    • I seriously can’t understand why slackware still refuses to use PAM.
      PAM isn’t perfect but it sure does make it possible to do all the advance authentication and security things people want without resorting to bodgy hacks everywhere.

  5. http://alien.slackbook.org/blog/kde3-kde4-and-slackware-13-0/

    anonymous is usuale in the old world of internet…

  6. – We made it! I can’t believe we made it!
    – Son, we just crossed the street.


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