Tokamak, day ?

Yeah, I don’t really know what day it is. I just know I slept like 8 hours since I got here, so this is supposed to be day 2: unfortunately it’s not, and I will leave this afternoon, which is something that quite annoys me, as this meeting is getting more and more awesome by the minute.

KDE people still have this strange superpower for which they can work 15 hours a day, party hard 6 hours a day, and still manage to fit theirselves in 3 hours of sleep. This Tokamak in particular I have done a lot of stuff, much of it unexpected, which I would like to share.

First of all, on the very first day I actually gave a presentation on what libshaman is, where we are and what our goals are. I received a very impressive feedback which I haven’t expected at all – a lot of people are really interested in such a library, and one sure thing is that you will still be hearing about libshaman for a while.

Then there’s the whole deal around Plasma mobile. I gladly joined the working group, and together with other few people including Kevin and Frederik we actually "stripped down" kdelibs and its runtime dependencies, to provide us a lightweight base to deploy on small devices. We’re still in the planning phase, and I’m sure everyone will do a great job in making this happen in the next days.

We also had a Solid meeting, as most of Solid people are here. We discussed a lot of stuff and made lots of plans, which I’ll probably save for another post. One sure thing is that we’re planning a proper Solid meeting to get all of these plans started, and there will be some movement in the whole Solid land for 4.6.

Of course, for the social stuff, I am extremely happy. I met again a lot of people I can definitely call friends, and met some new ones who I was really looking forward to meet. So this Tokamak has really been awesome in this regard.

But well, it is almost time to get back to work.


~ by Dario on 22 February, 2010.

One Response to “Tokamak, day ?”

  1. Yess, totally agreed ! The KDE libs stripping down has been a great chance personally for understanding how things are evolving in KDE internals.

    Great time ! Take care,

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