Telepathy-KDE Sprint kicking off in Cambridge

I am currently in Collabora’s offices in Cambridge, UK, where since yesterday a dozen of brave souls have gathered to discuss and implement the future of KDE’s instant messaging solution. We are of course talking about KDE-Telepathy.

Lots of my friends are already posting updates about the event, we had an intense planning and discussion this morning which surely leaves us with plenty to do and lots of excitement. You can surely expect more goodness about to come in the next days. This afternoon we’ll hold some training session and we’ll start hacking right away. Keep following us on Twitter, G+ and Planet KDE of course!

~ by Dario on 15 September, 2011.

7 Responses to “Telepathy-KDE Sprint kicking off in Cambridge”

  1. Could you post the relevant Google+ and Twitter links?

  2. I hope you have a great sprint. You have done a great work so far. If someone is up to that, could you please implement drag-and-drop suport from the contact list to the desktop? Cheers!

  3. great!!

  4. how can i follow you in G+?

  5. Are you planning on integrating cognititive radio functions? Please think outside the box, micro and lihght magnet pull starts the minupilation.Klogg Sin Valley ca. Dont forget dbus stepdown .Yes this is a new source of Dark Fibre on A wide specturm . Careful you might find yourself neck deep in Tesla’s RF tech.

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