KDE Telepathy 0.3, KDE SC 4.8, let’s party!

What a week it has been. Not only I’ve had a few days of vacations in beautiful Australia, but two major events happened.

You probably already know that, KDE SC 4.8 has been released. I might be biased, but trust me – this release is amazing. I am especially proud my work on power management got the first page this time – it’s really a killer feature, and I really hope it will become a keeper and another great reason for using KDE for most of you.

But it doesn’t end here: KDE Telepathy 0.3 has been released. Now, as much as this event might seem less interesting, it has a very special meaning to me. KDE Telepathy has been the proof of how a group of friends can get together and build something awesome, while having a lot of fun.

The project is now in a beta state, meaning we’re almost there, and you can start checking out what’s boiling without fearing your PC will blow up in a billion pieces. Of course, we are still not advertising this release to be fully stable, but we do accept bug reports at this stage, and believe the basic features are ready to be tested. So, no excuse: together with your new shiny KDE 4.8, try the future of Instant messaging on your favorite desktop environment!

Assuming you are a developer, are you interested in what these changes will bring to your world? Well, you’d better be excited. A video is worth a thousand words, they say – then why not checking out my talk at linux.conf.au about creating social apps with Telepathy and Qt? And if you are wondering – yes, the code for the example is actually available on KDE’s git on one of my scratch repos (link coming later, quickgit seems to be unreachable at the time I’m posting). See for yourself how easy it is to make your application rock even more!

But, the most amazing thing happened when David started the beer fundraiser, to get us wasted at FOSDEM. Well, the response has been flattering: up to now we have raised something along the lines of 230€, which is enough to kill a couple elephants considering where we’re going. So thank you! Given this thing has gotten quite far, we’re adding some more rules to our small game, and we’ll rollover funds to any other meetings if we pass out before spending all of this money (likely). Want to have a nice picture to show to your kids of a bunch of friendly hackers lying on the floor or having lots of fun without actually doing anything of the usual activities they are supposed to do? You still have time to donate.

(apparently wordpress.com doesn’t like paypal buttons – please refer to David’s blog post for donating)

Thanks again everyone for your support, and I hope our new software will rock your world.

~ by Dario on 28 January, 2012.

2 Responses to “KDE Telepathy 0.3, KDE SC 4.8, let’s party!”

  1. Awesome work! Thank you all.

  2. Very good conference!!

    Just a petition,

    Is there any good tutorial or source code example about telepathy-qt4?

    I am trying to develop a videoconferencing app and I can’t find good info about how to make it.


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