Calling all artists, designers and users

Have you heard the last news from Aleix? We are aiming towards finding a new, concrete vision for our beloved KDE workspace. We already gathered a team of KDE superstars, we have had some preliminary discussion at Plasma Active sprint; there’s just one thing missing: YOU.

Thanks to Luca, Ben, and all the amazing guys behind the KDE Forums, I am honored and pleased to introduce you to:

The KDE Workspace vision forum

What is it? As Luca explains in the forum announcement, a new vision requires new ideas and new people. Do you think you have the best idea ever for our desktop environment? Is KDE4 perfect for you, but there’s that little something you can’t stand? Do you think you have got what it takes to show the world how YOU see the desktop environment of the future? Then indulge no further and start posting: developers will jump through this new forum frequently to take a look at your creations, comment on them and – why not – make them real.

This forum will hold posts, mockups and explanation of any new idea you could have. It doesn’t necessarily need to be over something new, or over something existing: just let your fantasy guide you – the more innovative your idea is, the better. Mockups are of course very welcome, and so is artwork: but if you just have a great idea for a new concept, we will be also happy to read through it thoroughly even if there are no nice pictures.

This project has just started, so don’t miss the chance to be between the first in posting your ideas. Are you ready to make KDE rock even more? We are, and we are just waiting for you.

~ by Dario on 30 March, 2012.

7 Responses to “Calling all artists, designers and users”

  1. I don’t get it. What is the difference to brainstorming section. In brainstorming are already so much good ideas.

  2. Agreed. I mean, asking for user ideas is always appreciated, but why not draw on what people have already tried to contribute? The brainstorm section could really use the exrta credibility from it, too. Right now it feels like “Throw an idea over a wall for no-one but end users to discuss until it bitrot’s”. Publicly state that ideas for the next KDE Workspaces are being culled from Brainstorm, and I bet we’d see a huge surge of useful discussion on all areas of KDE erupt over at Brainstorm.

  3. Not really. Whereas Brainstorm is meant to be a way for showing ideas about every part of KDE, this new Workspace Vision forum is a sort of a “specific” Brainstorm tailored towards the workspace and the workspace only. The signal/noise ratio of Brainstorm in this regard doesn’t really help, and a new targeted “event” at the same time might encourage people.

    Of course, you can cross-post idea or repost stuff you’ve done in Brainstorm in this forum.

  4. Another difference I see is that in Brainstorm, you post concrete ideas – one idea per post. For example, it should be easy to know when it’s “Done”. The new KDE Workspace Vision forum provides a place where you can brainstorm about the general direction of KDE Workspaces. It doesn’t have to be just one idea, but rather a “vision” for the workspace as a whole.

    If anyone’s interested in helping out with Brainstorm, please see

  5. Can anybody please tell me which elements belonging to the workspace? It isn’t just plasma, isn’t it?

    • In general, what composes the user experience and it is not an application. So Plasma, the system menu, the way you interact with windows, the way you launch application… it is a concept that is mostly tied to how you use your desktop. Plasma is what now composes the biggest part of it, obviously đŸ™‚

  6. […] kind of forum where users can discuss what they would like to see in their future workspace, see Dario’s post for more information. It differs from Brainstorm as you’re allowed to post and discuss […]

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