News from Akademy 2012

at KDE, we’re always busy on several things – this is the time of the year where we are putting most of our organizational efforts into Akademy. In particular, a couple weeks ago me and Claudia joined Laur in advertising Akademy in Tallinn, and I held a workshop at the IT college about KDE/Qt development. Everything is shaping up nicely and the location seems really cool – you can indeed look forward to one of the best Akademy events ever! The three of us also did a quick interview for the local community, which is on YouTube, if you want to take a look at it.

Are you attending Akademy?

Hopefully you are, in case you are not, you definitely should. Supposing you are, PLEASE REGISTER SOON! The conference seems to be far away, but July is much closer than it seems. We need to know how many are we to plan all of the events efficiently and to avoid running out of space and resources. So register soon, register early, register here. As always, the registration is free of charge – if you are a professional attendee though, please consider registering as a professional. The registration fee you’d pay in this case will help us in organizing the event and add resources to our pool.

Book your accommodation!

July is going to be a busy month, and Tallinn is going to be the place to be for its first week. This means there is a shortage of rooms already, so don’t miss out in booking your accommodation quickly to secure your bed. There are several suggestions here, you can spot the option which suits you better. Same goes for the flights – most of them will be packed during those days, and prices are going to rise very soon. So book early, book now!

What about you?

Unfortunately, this year I won’t attend the weekend because I have another commitment during those two days, so I won’t even be giving a talk, and unfortunately will miss out on some of the awesome keynotes which have just been announced :(. But this doesn’t mean I won’t be there – I plan to crash the party on Monday, so I can proudly say:

But just for the last 5 days 😦

~ by Dario on 25 April, 2012.

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