My blog is moving

Long time no see. My blog is moving, to be precise here. With the hope of starting to write more, and about more topics, I want to thank everyone who read my blog, which are way more people than I could have imagined, with the hope of seeing you again on the new one. And the promise of writing about what happened around my life, work, KDE and more over the next week, and after the Solid sprint.

This blog will, of course, stay up forever in case anyone needs to crawl back in my life. For what comes next, please head to .

P.S.: I’ll be also writing in Italian on my new blog, from time to time. Scary, huh?

~ by Dario on 14 April, 2013.

3 Responses to “My blog is moving”

  1. Less blogging, more reviewing my stuff please.
    (and sending me parmesan)

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